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        SG-- 4 Lite                    CG--6 Lite                 

Follow the specifications below and click here for requesting a quote on your sizes.


Bottom rail on CG, SG & OG is 2 1/4"
Top rails on CG & 2CG are  4 1/4 down to 2 1/4"
Top rails on OG, Top & Bottom Rails on 2OG are 3 3/4" down to 2 1/4"
All stiles (sides) are 2 1/4"
Minimum height is 9 1/2"
Minimum width is 7 1/2" ( 8" CG & OG )
Maximum width is 24"
Doors are available with mullion bars, 4 lite,6 lite, 8 lite,etc. Normally they are spaced evenly, top to bottom, left to right, but can be placed in ALMOST any configuration, just ask. See "SG--9 Lite" above.
These are frame only, no glass included.
We now carry concealed hinges and we can drill the holes. 

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