3271 / A505N  This hinge will allow the door to open 170 degree. It is common on corner cabinets ( Lazy Susan) and where you may use pull outs to allow the door to swing further open. Sold by EACH, not a pair, PLATE required.




 Back of door will be drilled with 2-8mm and 1-35mm hole to receive hinge.( Blum Pattern)

We provide the service at extra cost.


   Simply lay door face down on a flat surface, line up dowels on hinge with holes in door, and drop hinge into holes and tap in with a hammer.



 Install Plates on hinges.

Start at end with mounting holes.

  Rock hinge towards clip and Push. 


  On the plate is little tabs, these will sit on the front edge of the frame or gable. Your distance back is now automatically set. Just move door up or down by whatever method you use ( a strip of wood clamped to bottom of cabinet) and screw in place. Be sure to put screw in center of elongated hole so it can be adjusted later.(screws not included)
1. Moves door away from or closer to frame.
2. Moves door left or right.
3. Moves door up and down.
          To remove door from your finished installation, simple hold door and push in on tab at end of hinge.



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